Custom Copilot integration in custom website

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I have created the custom a copilot for an e-commerce website, published it, and obtained the iframe for a custom website. I integrated the iframe into my vanilla Magento2. Now, when searching for specific custom items on our e-commerce site, I need to ensure that the solution is based on the current website.


My website is an e-commerce platform for kitchen-related products. When a guest or any customer searches for a query like "Can you provide me the best oven?", Microsoft Copilot finds the result and provides a solution based on my website.


I need to understand how to accomplish this and kindly inform me about the necessary details.

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Hi, I believe you need to incorporate a knowledge base that provides links to your website. However, it currently only navigates two levels deep from the URL, for example, That's the extent of it; it won't delve further, which is the present limitation. This may change in the future, although it's uncertain.