Curating content for Copilot searches

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Is it possible to curate the content that copilot can search by say location. My client has a global tenant and they only want copilot to search for content related to their region and not what might be available in other regions? 

I know that in a perfect world copilot will only find data that a person already has access to, but we are not operating in a perfect world and there is data that can be accessed via a good search that users should not be able to access in other regions. My remit is not to fix their whole tenant, just to get this region ready for copilot. 
Does anyone have any advice on this. thanks 

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I think not possible out of Box as Data returned based on Microsoft Graph and Semantic Index from your Tenant . You may need to define some policy etc at M365 level...
Yes, it is possible to curate the content that Microsoft Copilot can search by location. You can use Microsoft Graph connectors to integrate the data sources you want with Semantic Index for Copilot, for more details, please check this:
Not sure, Copilot can use MS Graph to integrate data source. The link is about external data but for data inside M365 they will bring into Semantic Index in the customer client. The question is more about Semantic Index and Multi Geo Feature. If user are multi geo and they have a copilot licence, data will be into the same semantic index. The customer will not have one by location.