Creating a Powerapps application using copilot with Sharepoint List as Datasource

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1. Can we create Powerapps Application using copilot with Sharepoint online as DataSource?

2. I have tried using Dataverse and Sharepoint as Datasource and created an application using copilot.

But using dataverse as DataSource UI looks as below image



Copilot Dataverse.png


When I created using Sharepoint as DataSource It looks as below image. Is created 3 different screens EditScreen, DetailScreen, BrowseScreen



Copilot Sharepoint EditScrn.pngCopilot Sharepoint DetailScrn.pngCopilot Sharepoint BrowseScrn.png


Both apps has different UI why is it so??

Is it possible to get the same UI for both apps(Sharepoint as datasource app and Dataverse as datasource app)??


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