Create a presentación from file...The option is not activated

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Hello Friends:


I signed up for the Microsoft Copilot Pro subscription and just realized that in PowerPoint 365 the option "Create a presentation from file.." is not activated.


I have a personal account and just want to confirm if this option if enabled in a work account.


I asked Copilot itself and the following was their response:

"Create presentation from file" feature in PowerPoint is currently only available to customers with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 (work) license. It is not available to customers with a Copilot Pro (home) license1. If you have a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license and still do not see the option, it may be helpful to check for pending PowerPoint updates or reinstall the application.

For more information and assistance, I recommend visiting Microsoft support or viewing online tutorials that can provide step-by-step guides.


Would you be so kind as to confirm?



José A Venegas


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@SharmaNeeraj that document appears to indicate otherwise. I too cannot use copilot to create a powerpoint from a file.

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