Copilot using wrong date

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Hi All 


I live in New Zealand, so the timezone is UTC+13. 


I have noticed that Copilot is using UTC as its standard gauge for time, which is problematic when I query my schedule in the morning as it shows the previous day in the results. When I ask it what the date is, it tells me its the previous day today because it is in UTC. As soon as UTC timezone moves into the next day (my current day), then all is well. 


Any ideas as to how I can resolve this? 

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Based on the research as an AI, it doesn't follow a specific timezone. Copilot respond to user queries in real-time, regardless of the timezone. However, the timestamps of our conversation are displayed according to the timezone of the location we're accessing from (GMT+00:00).

Kindly raise a request on the feedback portal!
Thank you for the response. I logged a ticket with the product team and they have confirmed that this is by design at present.

Not ideal to have to set the timezone at the start of each conversation to get the correct results.