Copilot Studio Integration Error in Microsoft Teams

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I am experiencing an issue with the integration of Copilot Studio in Microsoft Teams. The integration is functioning correctly in one team, but it is showing an error in another team within the same organization.

Here are the details of the error message:




  • Error Code: MissingOrInvalidRequiredProperty

  • Conversation ID: a:1R3VSGekaOaxXFtuOs_|8SNppmg7aQp8LKOni6p15qLAyN9yt7mP8_pjap90114X7BCM_KKupvRIFLn6kjjKpoVUpbU2YCmjw2d0JLD5gy61FYRXyuyn6KUnyjZeCmBL

  • Timestamp (UTC): 2024-05-23T15:18:34.456Z

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Integrate Copilot Studio in one team on Microsoft Teams.

  2. Attempt to integrate Copilot Studio in another team within the same organization.

  3. The integration works for the first team but fails for the second team with the above error.

Please assist in resolving this issue as soon as possible, as it is impacting our workflow. If you need any additional information or access to specific logs, please let me know.

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