Copilot Sidebar keeps no Chat History

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Hello, i don´t have the possibility to keep the chat history in my Copilot browser or sidebar.

Has to do with my company subscription?



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Can anyone help me here? :)

I have the same problem. There's chat history for "work", but not "web" on That's a non-starter for me. I will use ChatGPT Plus until chat history is available for "web" copilot.



"Currently, the Copilot sidebar in Microsoft Edge does not keep a history of your chat sessions1. This means that once you close the sidebar or refresh the page, your previous interactions will not be saved and cannot be viewed later. This is a feature of the Copilot sidebar and is not related to your company subscription." -- Copilot sidebar in Microsoft Edge


So, this stupidity is a feature! Oh, and the Copilot app also sucks, so there is no way to keep context over time. I agree that this is almost worthless.

Wonder if this may change if you have Copilot with Commercial Data Protection.