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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Copilot Release Day Nov 1st

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Good morning, 


Is Copilot available already? If so, how and where to get it? 


Thanks in advance

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It's rolling out today for enterprise 365 users. Automatically embedded in the 365 suite, but I think companies will have to pay an extra monthly premium per user to access Copilot. $30/month I have been told!
Hi . Yes for Enterprise Customers with M365 E3 or E5 License , M 365 copilot is available ( minimum buy size 300 License )
So it is not available for individual account holders? Even if you pay the $30?
No.... I think they will move to small size customer in future months... reason may be capacity constraints
A little bit unbelievable - I am a consultant and show my custerms new Trends and technologies... often, it is there first contact. An it is not possible for me, to by the license? Most of the consulting companies are smaller then 300 people... you cut them all away? Please change that! Thankyou!



I thought this was disproved. 

As a CSP partner I'm not able to create a subscription for a customer. Its not even listed as a license option. From all the documentation you have to contact your account manager and its EA customers only. Also to be on an EA I think the minimum requirement is 500 seats of E3 to add to the 300 seat minimum purchase.

@Bergner-Germany Unfortunately this is the truth... 


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