Copilot Outlook and Teams cannot find next meeting with someone

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The meeting is dated 2024-09-18 with someone. Copilot is unable to answer it even I specifically hinted the 2024 Sep. 




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I tried this at my end and Copilot does provide list of meetings scheduled in Sep 2024

Same here; I tried the prompts above and Copilot always answers as expected, along the lines of "Your next meeting with ... is scheduled for ... at ... AM/PM. "

Thank you, @Ankur_B, I agree with you that Copilot does work as expected. My previous message might have been a bit vague, so I’ve reworded it for clarity.

Strange, I have at least 2 meetings in Sep or later that is not visible by Copilot.
They are recurring meetings (per 3-6 months).
The start date was in 2021.

That is indeed strange, @IanHo_SmartsSA. I can confirm that Copilot sees recurrent meetings. I just tried it with two series in my calendar and got:


"Your next meeting with [person] is scheduled for [date] from [start time] PM to [end time] PM. The meeting will be held via [platform], and you can join using the provided links in the meeting details."




"Your next meeting with [person] is scheduled for [date] from [start time] to [end time] PM."


Could it be that your meetings are in a calendar other than the one associated with your Microsoft 365 subscription? That's the only reason I can think of.


All meetings within the same mailbox and calendar.

I tried the prompts asking for all meetings in Jul, Aug and Sep and see that some meetings are skipped starting from Aug 2024. 


Thanks for the screenshot, @IanHo_SmartsSA.

Could you please check whether the missing meetings are marked as anything other than "Busy"?

I asked it to list the meetings in a whole month as you did, and realized that it skipped a couple that were marked as Free, and one that was marked as Out of Office... Maybe it only sees the Busy ones? 

They are "Busy". The missing one is actually a monthly recurring meeting that correctly shown in Jul. I once suspect that its about hidden token per prompt exhaustion problem, I tried adding extra meeting with super long strings in Jul. Aug meetings output is still the same. I tried adding a meeting in 2024-08-06. It is included in the results. I added other meetings after 2024-08-08, they are not included in the prompt results. I'm actually clueless.
Well, it beats me as well! The only other thing I can think of is that they might be marked as private, or there could be another setting that limits their visibility.