CoPilot not showing in Outlook or Powerpoint

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I know there are a couple of threads elsewhere on this, but the solutions there did not work.  I have been on tech support for a few hours, and he just left me hanging. Basically his answer was "Just wait a while maybe it will show up.  Very disappointing.


CoPilot shows up in

  • Excel PC and Excel web app;
  • Powerpoint Web App (but not PC). 
  • Word PC and web app. 
  • There is no CoPilot for Outlook either on PC or web app.

I have Microsoft 365 E3.  The license for CoPilot is assigned to the correct email account.  I have updated the license several times in PowerPoint and Outlook (old).  When I switch to Outlook (new), nothing still shows up.


The tech checked all the relevant versions, and I am fully updated on everything.  The 365 itself is a new install.  I am set for English Language US, so it's not the language problem others have seen.


I have a laptop with the same install of Office 365, and the same constellation of "it works, it doesn't work" is there.  So it's likely a Microsoft side issue and not a local issue to one installation of Office 365 on one computer.


Ideas please?


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