Copilot not able to see SharePoint lists

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No matter how I try to prompt, Copilot seems to not know about the existence of SharePoint lists (it doesn't talk about them when asked or pull any information from them when asked a very targeted prompt). Is there anything that needs to be configured to make this possible or is it just a bug?


Thanks for any insight.

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Right now I only think CoPilot has access to data that is stored in OneDrive
Having the same experience. Wikis for example are fine but with lists Copilot returns "I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any information about...."
I have come to the same conclusion. Been prompting Copilot to provide answers where it should have pulled information from a specific SharePoint list. It appears to not have any of the data in the SharePoint list in its semantic index.
I couldn't even request a summary of a Microsoft Lists List in one of our Teams channels. Simply said, that it couldn't find any list in the specified channel. Frustrating.
I have the feeling, that the courses and resources about Copilot show functionalities of Copilot, which are not possible as shown.