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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 11:00 AM (PST)
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Copilot missing in Outlook

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I have a Copilot license for Microsoft 365. I can use it in all the apps (Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote etc) except in Outlook. It was accessible in Outlook last week, but now it is missing. It is missing in Outlook Online and in the New Outlook for desktop. 


How can this be?


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Hi @torisla,


I neither don't have the Copilot icon in Outlook application, the Icon is only available when I reply or forward an email. In emails, there is a "Summary by Copilot" for the current email. It is possible to summarize emails from M365 Chat (Teams) or, it is not as beautiful as in the professional videos, but it works.


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I have the same issue. No Copilot in Outlook Web, Outlook for desktop and/or New Outlook for desktop
I have the exact same problem as Andre.

I just found out it will show upon composing or replying to an email. The only way to get it to read all emails from a date range is using Copilot chat.

I still don't have it after composing or replying to an email.
Same issue!
Just and FYI - you have to switch to the new version of Outlook to be able to use CoPilot when you compose a new email. Try switching and see if that helps. You are able to switch back.



i know still doesn't work!

Same here
It didn't work for me because of language settings. I had my outlook set to Dutch when i switch it to English it works!
It works for me! Thanks
Thanks. Works for me as well
Thanks for all input. Outlook CoPilot is for New Outlook and Web version only, or............can I use CoPilot with the (old) classis Outlook?
You can use copilot in classic outlook to summarize but not compose. Those features are coming in Feb/March, 2024. If you switch to the new version you should have the compose feature.


Added Copilot pro as part of the Family 365 plan. COPILOT icon doesnt even pop up in Outlook or New outlook or anywhere else.


I also havent been able to use it in excel - it is constantly reporting an error. I tried language settings update, but no luck.


Any help / advice will be appreciated

I'm in the same boat. Also, I can't search for documents within PowerPoint. (see

Same here.

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2402 Build 16.0.17328.20000) 64-bit

Have you tried updating your license in M365 Apps for Enterprise through File > Accounts > Update License. know it works for other apps but may be worth trying plus checking updates for your current M365 Apps version?
Here are my findings.
I have O365, languages pack Danish - update ring Monthly
I could use Copolit in Word, Excel, Powerpoint but not in Outlook Web client, classic Outlook or New Outlook. All apps have languages pack Danish.
I changed languages in Outlook only to English and changed update ring to Current. After is was possible to use Copilot in Outlook Web and New Outlook, but still not in Outlook classic.