Copilot M365 search to retrieve documents with certain Metadata/Tagging/Formart within Organization'

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How can we retrieve documents with certain Metadata or Tagging or Format within Organization's SharePoint using Copilot for Microsoft 365? 


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What do you mean by "retrieve" ? can you elaborate your use case ?

Hi @Luca_Bino 

Suppose when I search on Copilot M365 within our oragnization, it give results containing every sort of document related to the specific user prompt. But I want to manipulate/optimize the search result so that the documents with certain types of Metadata or specific Taggings or Format have to the most priority and show at the top of the search results.


Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool, it currently doesn't directly interact with SharePoint search for retrieving documents based on metadata, tagging, or format.
SharePoint has built-in search functionalities that allow you to filter documents based on various criteria, including metadata (managed properties), tags, and file format. Access the SharePoint document library and utilize the search bar at the top. You can combine keywords with property filters to refine your search. For instance, you can search for "marketing plan" and filter by "department" metadata containing "Marketing" and file format "docx."
Microsoft Search integrates with SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 services. You can access the search bar within Teams or the Microsoft 365 app launcher. Similar to SharePoint search, you can use keywords and filter by properties to find relevant documents.
For more complex search requirements, consider exploring Content Services in Microsoft 365. This service allows creating custom search queries based on metadata and other factors. Content Services might require some administrative setup, but it offers a powerful way to search across various information sources within your organization.
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This is indeed very insightful information.
Just out of curiosity, can we use Copilot M365 Plugins to retrieve documents based on their metadata or tagging?
I would say that we needed meta tagging to give context ans sense to documents I. SharePoint search (that is only looking for keywords).
Today with Copilot if the prompt is correct, giving context and framing the source you want the results coming from you will get good enough results, because thanks to Microsoft Graph and semantic search coupled with LLM you are getting answers that are context relevant.

The only thing important is to remember that the prompt must include context and that you can ask to focus on some specific topics.

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