Copilot M365 not showing results from message extension plugin

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I am facing a strange issue for last few days with a plugin. It was working until few weeks back but not now. I have developed a sample plugin with multiple commands to find company stock details, find news, get quotes etc. Copilot is able get response for the first command type but not rest. All the options are working in Teams message extension i.e. when I go to a chat and type inputs for respective commands, it shows output with corresponding Adaptive card. Also, the '-developer on' mode shows that the plugin is invoked with respective function. The API call seems to be successful as well however no response is shown from the plugin output.  Checked all the code, manifest file etc. but nothing seems to be wrong. Is anyone facing similar issue? Am I doing something wrong here? 



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Yes, I am also facing the same issue from yesterday onwards. Copilot teams extension plugin suddenly stopped working, however the extension is working fine in the personal chat.
I'm also facing the same issue. In my case also the bot is working fine, the response type is also correct but still the MS Copilot never rendered my responses.
Is there any way to verify that what I'm doing is correct or not? Also did anyone found any solution to this?
Mine was resolved now. There might be some issue at Microsoft end. Now response is coming properly. Could you please check at your end.

@paraglombar03 Thanks for checking! My issue still exists. The plugin works with copilot for one of the commands but not the other one. So, it seems like a different problem. 




I am also facing this issue. For once it ran but again this is not working. I do have doubts that why 2 calls are being made to my plugin as 1 gets fails and second gets success. Also, from message extension this is not happening.



Is there anything we can do from our end? Like debug at copilot level or support ticket to Microsoft or anywhere to check if some updates are happening!!!!!