CoPilot is not appearing in Outlook or Teams for Mac

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I applied new CoPilot licenses to three Mac users today. After several hours and restarts, CoPilot is still missing from Outlook and Teams.


In Outlook I have:

- confirmed they are using the new Outlook for Mac.

- confirmed they only have the one account in Outlook that is licensed.

- refreshed the license, and then restarted Outlook.

- opened in Safari and made sure they were logged in. (I saw this in another article, but not sure what it was supposed to do...)


In Teams, I:

- confirmed they were logged into the licensed account.

- tried to refresh the license, but this was not an option.


Any other ideas on how to fix?

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Hello, Here are some additional troubleshooting steps you can try:

For both Outlook and Teams:

Check for Updates: Make sure the users are running the latest versions of Outlook and Teams. Outdated versions might not recognize the new license. You can usually find the update option within the application settings.

Sign Out and Sign Back In: A simple sign-out and sign-in can sometimes refresh the license association. Ask the users to completely log out of their Microsoft accounts in both Outlook and Teams, then sign back in.

Clear Office Credentials: On Mac, corrupted Office credentials might interfere with license recognition. Instruct the users to clear their Office credentials by following these steps:

Open Keychain Access. (Search for it using Spotlight)
In the search bar, type "Office" or "Microsoft" and delete any relevant entries.
Restart the Mac and try signing back into Outlook and Teams.
For Teams Specifically:

Reinstall Teams: If the above steps don't work, try reinstalling Teams completely. This can sometimes fix issues caused by corrupted program files. Make sure to download the latest version from the official Microsoft website.

Check License Type: Verify that the Copilot licenses assigned to the users are compatible with Teams for Mac. Some CoPilot subscriptions might not include Teams functionality.