copilot is giving error "The output parameter with name {ItemKey} on flow {FlowName} is missing

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I'm building a copilot chatbot in copilot studio. this copilot will be used by the IT engineers. Engineers will enter the issue description to chatbot , based on the input the chatbot should search for the matching issues in the old ticket dumps, if there is any matching entry then it should return corresponding resolution details of that issue as a response. i have placed the ticket details dump in a SharePoint. Also created a office script for that excel ticket dump. this office script will return the matching resolution details for that keyword.

in the power automate flow, am running this script using " run script from SharePoint library " action. the output of this action is passing to "compose" then finally passing it to "return values to power virtual agent" action. This flow i'm using in my copilot. while testing, the copilot is giving me an error 


"Error Message: The output parameter with name ‘resolution_note’ on flow ‘Resolution Flow-2’(‘fcccebe9-eeec-ee11-a1fd-000d3a667c69’) is missing from the response data. Please refresh the flow, or ensure the flow returns this value. Error Code: FlowActionException  Conversation Id: ea22b063-310a-4409-b912-eb7c87ec5fbe  Time (UTC): 2024-04-01T10:44:57.466Z"


The run history of flow is showing as successfully and it is returning the correct matching resolution take field as output. 

Please find the below screenshot of my flow


Screenshots of my copilot and error



 Please advise what modifications I need to do in order to resolve this error.

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