CoPilot in Word says it can't rewrite documents

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I created a 400 word document and invoked CoPilot from the toolbar.  I tried a variety of requests, ending up with simply "rewrite", which came directly from the Microsoft document  CoPilot responded with "I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I do not have the ability to edit or rewrite documents. You can use the tools available in Word to improve the document. For example, you can use the spelling and grammar checker, the find and replace tool, and the formatting tools to improve the appearance and readability of the document. You can also consider reorganizing the content, adding headings and subheadings, and using bullet points or numbered lists to make the document more reader-friendly."


I'm a bit confused.  CoPilot doesn't have the ability to edit or rewrite documents?

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@ChuckSav Yes this!  I had understood that Copilot could rewrite and reformat documents, but I get the same sorts of replies you have been getting.  Seems a bit useless if that's all it can do, if you ask me!


I have been trying to work out if this limited functionality is because it is necessary to download a desktop version of copilot, rather than just the online connection created by default in my 0365 apps.  But despite various Micrsoft help pages referring to a download, I can't find a download link or anything definitive.

I had one instance yesterday in Word Desktop asking Copilot to bullet text I highlighted and it pointed me how to do bullets. One work around I used was to use M365 Chat
Same for me. Another issue I had was that it can't apply formatting to documents that use headings or titles etc.

@ChuckSav I have the same frustration. Copilot in word claims that it can "Change" documents. But every attempt I have made to change a document results in an error message, "Sorry, something went wrong. I'm working on it."