Copilot in powerpoint no "file from option" went missing

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I am using Microsoft 365 (office) to log in powerpoint with copilot.

I had just signed up  actually. The first time the file from option  was still available; however, the 2nd day I wanna used which it turned out gone in the option . 

May I know what should I do to get the option  which that was the main reason I use and purchase the subscription.


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Can you be more specific on what you want to do? 


Here a prompt sample (type / to get the list of last opened documents) :


Add 3 slides summarizing this document /name-of-document.docx 

Hi may I know with this prompt it will able to convert the word into powerpoint?


The prompt will add some slides about the content of the word document.

It's not really a conversion, it's more a new presentation (in PowerPoint) of the content that you have in the word document. 

Try it, then try to adapt your prompt (how many slides you want depends also on the size of the word document)