Copilot in PowerPoint 365 do not edit the slides anymore?

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I wonder, is the copilot for Microsoft PowerPoint not editing the slides anymore? It is rather providing only default options i.e. add image, organize ppt, add slide etc but do not edit the slides anymore i.e. no more prompt for changing the fonts, animating the bullets, reducing or increasing the text etc. Or is it only happening with me?

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We had mixed results with this in an internal company trial a few months ago. I am seeing reduced offering as well now. I asked Copilot if it can edit slides and this is what it sent back to me. Looks like some of the capabilities have been reduced. Perhaps it is to fix the functionality.

"As Microsoft 365 Copilot, I'm here to assist you with your PowerPoint slides. While I can't directly edit slides, I can certainly help you with suggestions, content generation, and guidance on how to make changes. What specific edits do you need help with?"
Having same issues unfortunately :( Copilot in PowerPoint seems to be very, very limited. and only provide basic functionality. Hope it can be changed, otherwise, I don't see many reasons to utlize it in power point
Yes. But there are many videos on YouTube showing powerful editing capabilities of Copilot for PPT. It seems it has reduced its funcionality drastically now, which is very unfortunate and sad. I truly wish people ask about this unfair change and Copilot/PowerPoint admin bring back the lost functionality.
I'm quite confused by this as well. Powerpoint even suggests prompts that don't even work. It gives me a suggestion I can click that says "Can you suggest a layout for this slide?" and when I click it, copilot tells me it doesn't recognize the wording as something it can do... why even suggest that prompt in the first place?