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Hi everyone


Using Copilot in MSWord and I want to reference a different MSWord file (saved in the cloud and recently used).  However, I only ever get presented with a short list like in the image below giving me just 3 options.  None of which are the file I want.  Earlier in the day the MSWord file I want to reference appeared in the list but now I can't get it to appear again. 

Can anyone explain: 

1) If there is a way to expand the list to not see just 3 files here but actually search for a file I want?
2) What the logic is that gets a file to appear here in the shortlist so I can then more easily 'manage' to get the file I want to reference into Copilot? 

Any other tips/ tricks? Thanks!



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if you use the / you should be able to search the files by filename. I am not sure what drives the 3 files but a number of people have requested a better experience. It seems like this is the new way Microsoft want us to find files but there still needs to be the classic explorer view or at least the ability to jump to a better search experience.
As of now this is limitation in Word desktop app to show only 3 files.
I recommend using Word online where it will show an attachment option to reference the document. From here you can browse and attach your required document similar like how you attach files to any other app.

Let us know if this helps
Thanks @reachrj. The cloud version does give a 'Browse Files from Cloud' option which is not shown in the MS Word Desktop version so that's promising. However the new window then pops up with a 'Something Went wrong' message and subsequent 'Prefetch failure (NoTokenProviderForUnauthenticatedPrefetch)' . So although promising it doesn't quite work 100%.

Thanks Graham - This works when I start typing the name in it gives me more/ relevant in documents so that's great. Thanks!



Same problem here: when you search for a document which is on the desktop (and is synchronized with the Cloud) it doesn't appear in the search box.

Anyway I am not as lucky as you because even if I type the file name after the / I am unable to find it in the search box (this happened both in MSWord and in MSPowerPoint).


Furthermore, if I change something in a file which appears in the list of files in the Copilot search box, the new version of the file is not taken into account by Copilot which still refers to the old version of it.