Copilot for Microsoft 365 limitations with document size

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I'm trying to understand what the limitations with files size within Copilot for M365 are.

For example, when I ask to summarize a very large file, I'm not sure what is the size limit in terms of number of words or MB.

Another example, when I create a Word document or a PPT document from a Word file or a PDF file, I'm not sure what the size limit is for the referred document.

Any clue, any links, any data?

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When I try to provide a large file, there's a window that appears and quickly disappears stating the file must be under 10MB.
There isn't a documented limit on the total file size Copilot can handle, but there is a limit on the prompt itself. You can only type up to 2,000 characters when giving Copilot instructions.
Behind the scenes, Copilot likely focuses on the beginning of the document for summaries and might not analyze the entire file if it's very large.
Creating Documents from Other Documents:

This feature is currently in a limited test phase.
For users with a free trial, the upload limit is 1 MB with a maximum of 5 uploads per day.
For licensed users, the limit is increased to 10 MB per file with unlimited uploads, but with a total daily upload limit of 2 GB.
Unfortunately, there aren't any official resources with specific file size limitations for summarizing large documents.
There isn't an officially documented file size limit for Copilot in M365. However, there are some practical limitations to consider:

Summarizing Large Files:

Focus on Short Documents: While there's no hard limit, Copilot works best with shorter documents. Aim for under 20 pages or roughly 15,000 words for optimal performance. "" provides some insights on this.