Copilot for Microsoft 365 is not working on Terminalserver RDS

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i´m trying to install/configure Copilot for MS365 on an Terminalserver. All Requierements from MS Docs are ok, on Clients it´s works fine.

I already checked Policies, Configuration also do a re-install the Apps for Business with deployment tool.

Wehn i create a brand new User Account with assigned License it´s works fine, but Copilot is not visible for „old“ Users on the Terminalserver in Business Apps like Word, Outlook...


Anyone have ideas about that Topic?


Terminalserver: On-Prem Windows Server 2019 Std (On-Prem Domain, no Azure Sync for now)

Azure User License: MS365 Business Premium, Copilot for MS365


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Btw.: Copilot is visible in MS Teams for all Users

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@Nils_Re Seemingly same issue here. Works fine locally, but same Office version on our RDS does not seem to automatically add the Co-Pilot feature even with the license attached.

Hi Nils.

Was this solved at your TS 2019? We've got the same issue here.

@ArieVanB Looks like Copilot does not work with the shared computer licensing that is required for RDS.

From Microsoft:

Copilot‎ is not available on shared devices where a device-based license for ‎Microsoft 365 Apps‎ is used rather than a user-based license.


Hope they will remove the restriction although it might not be possible from global setup standpoint. 

I needed to go to for example excel and open the account settings and press update license.

@Andrey_Sherman We switched Office language to English in stead of Dutch. That did it.

@ArieVanB I am in US, so I believe our office language is english as default. Are you saying that you can now use copilot in Terminal Services environment? Which server 2019 or 2022? It still does not work for me and based on the article I posted I thought that Microsoft does not support it. If they do, it is great news, just need to figure out how to make it work then. Thank you

@Marcus0000, I could not find the setting you referred to. When I go to the account under Excel, I do not see any option to update the license. Any more clarification you can provide would be great. Thank you.
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