Copilot for Microsoft 365 Business Standard for Mac

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I have a Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscription for my business and I use a MacBook Pro. Does Copilot integrates well on my 365 Business Apps on my Mac? 

My very basic understanding is that the difference between the paid version of Copilot and ChatGPT is the integration of GenerativeAI on 365 Applications like Outlook, Teams, Office Suite - which my business use extensively...however, haven't found anything about how well the integration is on 365 Business running on a Mac. 

Would like some clarity on how best to integrate AI into my business now - considering Copilot, ChatGPT and upcoming Apple Intelligence. 

Thanks in advance for you all help. 

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You will get copilot in each O365 apps, even on the Mac osx. Provided you are running the "current channel update" for office desktop apps.


You also light experience some delay/differences on how copilot works on the Mac vs copilot on windows 11.


I wish I could give you a list of what are those differences but everything evolves so fast that the list would be obsolete in a few weeks. 

Thanks @Luca_Bino.

Appreciate your response. Have you implemented Copilot for M365 for Mac?

I'm also assuming here that when you said that "running the current channel update" you mean that our business setting for M365 is to have all office desktop apps updated when updates are available?