Copilot for M365 shortcut

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Is there a shortcut to activate Copilot in the office applications (Word, Excel, etc)?

I know we can do Alt + H + FX, but is there a simpler one?

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As of now it seems there is no shortcut within Office applications themselves to activate Copilot currently. While Alt + H + FX brings up the Help Pane where you can interact with Copilot, it's not the most streamlined approach. Here are two simpler options to activate Copilot in Office applications: Use the Copilot Icon in Windows 11: If you're using Windows 11, look for the Copilot icon on the right-hand side of your taskbar. Clicking it will launch the Copilot interface, allowing you to interact with it for your Office documents. Keyboard Shortcut (Windows): Press Win + C on your keyboard. This shortcut works system-wide in Windows 11 and brings up the Copilot interface directly.