Copilot for M365 & Microsoft Copilot Data residency and processing difference

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Hello experts,


I'm looking for information regarding differences between data residency for Copilot for 365 and Microsofot Copilot in protected mode.


As far as i understand Copilot for M365 is respecting data residency (in my case switzerland) which means if i'm correct that all queries and processing will be done in my region. : 


Microsoft Copilot ( in protected mode (<=> identified) is a general service. 

My request won't feed LLM service but the request itself may be operated outside of my data residency / EU data boundaries / in the US.


Is that correct ? 


Does this means that when i have dungle in "work mode" i'm in data residency mode and when i'm in "web mode" i'll be outside of my region ?


I'm a bit surprise by this ;) 


Thanks a lot for your feedback


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