Copilot Flight Crew: Earn Your Wings?

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At the M365 Community Conference in Orlando, we were told that a "Copilot Flight Crew" challenge would be starting on June 1st but I am unable to find any information about it. See image from presentation below: 

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Unraveling the Copilot Flight Crew Challenge
There are two possibilities for the missing information about the Copilot Flight Crew challenge:

Delayed Launch: The challenge might have been scheduled to launch on June 1st but could be delayed.

Limited Information Sharing: The information presented at the M365 Conference might have been a teaser and more details haven't been released publicly yet.

Here's what you can do to find out more:

Check M365 Community Website: Search the M365 Community website for any announcements or updates regarding the Copilot Flight Crew challenge. They might have a specific page dedicated to challenges or events.
Contact Conference Organizers: Reach out to the organizers of the M365 Community Conference in Orlando. They might be able to provide additional information or point you in the right direction.
Social Media Check: Look for the M365 Community on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. They might have posted updates about the challenge there.

@Caitlin_Adams I too was recently hunting around for this. I will try to pose the Q on the next Mondays at Microsoft call. 

Also have been looking out for information this but not finding anything anywhere