Copilot Flight Crew: Earn Your Wings?

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At the M365 Community Conference in Orlando, we were told that a "Copilot Flight Crew" challenge would be starting on June 1st but I am unable to find any information about it. See image from presentation below: 

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Unraveling the Copilot Flight Crew Challenge
There are two possibilities for the missing information about the Copilot Flight Crew challenge:

Delayed Launch: The challenge might have been scheduled to launch on June 1st but could be delayed.

Limited Information Sharing: The information presented at the M365 Conference might have been a teaser and more details haven't been released publicly yet.

Here's what you can do to find out more:

Check M365 Community Website: Search the M365 Community website for any announcements or updates regarding the Copilot Flight Crew challenge. They might have a specific page dedicated to challenges or events.
Contact Conference Organizers: Reach out to the organizers of the M365 Community Conference in Orlando. They might be able to provide additional information or point you in the right direction.
Social Media Check: Look for the M365 Community on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. They might have posted updates about the challenge there.

@Caitlin_Adams I too was recently hunting around for this. I will try to pose the Q on the next Mondays at Microsoft call. 

Also have been looking out for information this but not finding anything anywhere

Hi everyone! This is still coming soon, and the team is working on the finishing touches here. Please stay tuned to the community here for an announcement when available and thank you for your patience!