Copilot Data Processing for EU customers.

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As Ms docs, Currently copilot LLM models are running USA data centers, 

  • Can someone help me  which customer data is processing during transmission of the prompts and getting results back to EU tenants. 
  • Which authentication method MS is using while processing the data between regions.
  • How encryption works ( data at rest and transit )




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Which docs reference this? I have read somewhere that the traffic/prompts within the EU will only be handled by OpenAI instances within the EU. Meaning that it will respect EU Data boundary. Copilot will use the OpenAI instance within the same region where your Office 365 tenant is located, such as west Europe. They have also stated that if there is high utilization within a specific region the prompt can be sent to another region but within the same continent atleast.

Thanks, documention is not clear, in document they were saying everything is processing within EU boundary but at the same time GPT 4 Models are not offering in these locations. ( West Europe). In some places they mentioned LLM models are running in NA Datacenter. It's fully confusion and not transparency.. hence , I am seeking experts help to understand the complete flow.

@Laxman V Bonjour, je ne suis pas certain que la réglementation va poser des problèmes. Erol