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Copilot Coe template

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The adoption guide has a ppt about building out a copilot coe based on a template. But I am not able to locate the template for this, where would I locate that?

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@Johnmorrisintervision I've not been able to find it either, also the link on slide 2 is broken, and if anyone from Microsoft happens to be here - there is a review comment left in on slide 6.

I cannot find it either. It is now running in our tenant, but I'm told it did not go in as smoothly as desired.
Did anyone find this template?

@BruceNicholls not yet!

Is this what you were hoping to get?


Build-your-own-CoE.pptx ( I was able to download this as PD. 



@BillKirst- that's actually the document (PPT deck) that I (and others) assumed that there was a set of SPO & Teams Templates that could be obtained. That PPTX file is actually in the MS CoPilot-Adoption-Kit, downloadable here, . References to "keep the page names the same..." etc indicate that there is a template that can instantiated in one's own tenant.


Here's another post in separate thread that indicates that there are templates and they may be part of the EAP program.



Spoke to a MS GBB yesterday who is researching that angle (that the templates are part of the Early Adopter Program...).



Gotcha, I would also be curious for when those SPO and Teams Templates are rolled out via the Admin Center.

Decided to just make it from scratch vs waiting for one from Microsoft. Has anyone tried and run into this problem? It won't let me add the page as a tab (grayed out to save).


I have searched and must be missing something because I cannot find a site template. Just a PPT that everyone has already referred to with the reference to the Site template. Can you point out where on that page to find the link to the actual site template?

Dear @DjonesLVS,


What do you expect from a Center of Excellence (CoE) template?


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Hi - Page two of the "Build-your-own-CoE.PPTX" says "Install Copilot CoE Teams template".  The PPT also refers to some of the pages that are deployed with the template.  I would assume it would be like the deployable sites on the SharePoint Lookbook - I am looking for the installation file for the template.

I have been searching high and low and cannot find it either. I've downloaded the guidance from here:

The "Build your Own CoE.ppt" does in fact refer to an installable template. In fact, if you look at the adoption checklist, the 3rd bullet is "Install Copilot CoE Teams template" with no link or any guidance on where to get it. Is this something that Admins have to do?

@microsoft - please clarify, thanks!

Hi @Johnmorrisintervision, all,


Since organisations vary so much, perhaps a template for making CoE is the least useful tool.

Per Wikipedia: “A center of excellence (COE or CoE) … is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support, or training for a focus area. …  Within an organization, a center of excellence may refer to a group of people, a department or a shared facility.”


The CoE aims to achieve the goal of the project: “The exploration and implementation of Copilot and maybe other AI solutions”. Probably, CoE will include people from various departments to ensure they will consider different needs.


A project manager or a organizational development specialist might be a suitable person to start a CoE as they have experience with such teams, which is one of their responsibilities to establish. They will address the why, the who, the when and the how. After that, the CoE will fine-tune all these aspects and they will ask for the collaboration tools they need like Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Viva Engage, etc.


To establish a CoE, I would collaborate and coordinate with any project managers or organizational development specialists in my organisation.


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