Copilot cannot access OneDrive for Business files

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I asked Copilot to look for files related to a client project. The files are saved to my OneDrive for Business account, which is part of my Office 365 E3 subscription. 


Copilot returned the following error:

To give me access to your OneDrive folders, you would typically share the folder with my email address or provide a shareable link that I can access. However, as Microsoft 365 Copilot, I don’t have the capability to access personal OneDrive folders or files directly. My functionality is limited to providing assistance based on the information available to me through the search results and the capabilities I have within this chat.

If you need help with organizing or finding information within your OneDrive, I can guide you on how to use the search and organization features of OneDrive. Let me know how I can assist you further!


Additional Information:

  • In my 365 Admin Panel, Copilot has been given all permissions.
  • Copilot now seems to be able to search my emails, so that's an improvement.

This is extremely frustrating.


How do I set up my account so that Copilot can access everything across my 365 ecosystem?


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Here are a few ways you can find those client project files in OneDrive for Business with Copilot's help (assuming Copilot integrates with file searching):

1. Search by Keyword:
Instruct Copilot to search your OneDrive for Business for keywords related to the client project. This could be the client name, project name, keywords from project documents, etc. For example: "Search OneDrive for Business for 'Acme Inc Project' files".

2. Filter by Date:
If you know around when you worked on the project, you can filter the search by date. Combine this with keywords for a more precise search. For instance: "Search OneDrive for Business for files related to 'Marketing Campaign' created between January-March 2024".

3. Search by File Type:
If you remember the file type (e.g., Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations), you can include that in the search query. "Search OneDrive for Business for '.docx' files containing 'Acme Inc'".

Check if Copilot allows filtering by location within OneDrive. You might know which folder the project files are stored in.

Since Copilot is a large language model, it might not directly interact with OneDrive, but it can guide you in formulating the search queries to find the files you need.
Those are very helpful suggestions. Unfortunately, I think the issue is that Copilot doesn't seem to have access to OneDrive. It used to tell me it couldn't search my inbox either, but that's suddenly resolved and working. So, maybe they'll fix this issue eventually.

Here's what Copilot has to say about it today...

OneDrive for Business is indeed part of Microsoft Graph, which allows for seamless integration and interaction with files across OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint document libraries. Microsoft Graph provides a unified API endpoint to work with the vast array of data in Microsoft 365, enabling the development of applications that can store and manage content in any of these services with the same set of code.

For example, the OneDrive REST API, which is part of Microsoft Graph, allows your application to connect to content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, offering flexibility to read and store content in various locations using the same code. This API is shared between OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint document libraries, and Office Groups.

Additionally, Copilot interfaces natively with Microsoft Graph, providing a powerful tool to enhance productivity by leveraging the rich data and insights from Microsoft 365 services. It can access and interact with your personalized work environment, including important files, Teams meetings, and all your communications, grounded in Microsoft Graph.

Moreover, Microsoft Fabric, which includes OneLake, is described as a SaaS data lake for the entire organization, akin to OneDrive but for data. It’s part of an open architecture that allows for the creation of custom Copilots in Microsoft Copilot Studio to answer and be an expert on top of your data in Fabric. This means that Copilot can be extended with AI Skills built in Fabric, allowing it to become even more integrated with your business processes and workflows123456.

For more detailed information on how to work with files in Microsoft Graph, you can refer to the official Microsoft documentation78. If you have any further questions or need assistance with specific use cases, feel free to ask!
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Few things to check here.
1. Are you the owner of the file?
2. Was it from another organization and you have downloaded/saved it in your One-Drive?
3. Was it shared from another user, team or org? If shared, do you have correct permissions to access the files?
4. I assume you are using the Copilot Chat in Teams to retrieve the file. How about you open the file and ask Copilot within the respective app some questions about the file?