Copilot Button Not Appearing in Desktop Excel and Outlook Apps

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Hi There,

I recently subscribed for Copilot and have got the button in Word and PowerPoint but not in Excel. I tried the below in Excel but not resolved.

  • Updated the license
  • Rebooted my system
  • Cursor inside Table, File is in OneDrive and AutoSave is ON

Can you please help me overcome this issue? Thanks!

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How long before you activated the license?

What is your Microsoft 365 Application update channel? It should be Current Channel/Currnet Channel (Preview) or Monthly Enterprise Channel.

Since the Copilot for Excel is still in Preview, if you dont have the one of the above mentioned channels, dont think you will get the Copilot icon.

Thanks @reachrj - I activated the license yesterday.

I've signed up for Current Channel Preview.

I can see the icon in Word and PPT.

It appears in my Mac Excel app as well.

I'm not sure why it's not showing up in Excel, Outlook, and Teams apps in Windows!

Please give some time as it might take upto 48hrs for the indexing and Copilot icon to come up in the Apps. Since the Word and PowerPoint has already got it, it is just the matter of time you should be able to see in other apps.
Sure. I'll wait and update here! Thanks for your time and response.
You can force the license issue and not wait but simply updating your license as you said in Step 1. Just be sure that you changed your channel prior to updating the license. If that does not work, you might have to redeploy office from the Office portal. I had a similar issue with copilot buttons missing from Powerpoint and ended up having to reinstall. Hope this helps!