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We would like to be proactive in advance of the launch of co-pilot to get our indexing all setup.  We do not have an internal resource to do this.  Do you have recommendations for 3rd party firm that could assist us in Microsoft Graph, Semantic Index, Teams, One-Drive and Sharepoint setup.  US based firm would be preferred.



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I do stock financial analyses using excel spreadsheets that display both historical data as well as real time price, PE ratios, earnings per share and revenue and income projections. I would like to have a summary of the data produced by ChatGPT then present the data and spreadsheets to my 1,000 subscribers and ask them for their individual input through an email. I would then like ChatGPT to add their thought s to the prior generated document producing a consensus document,

just want to mention that the indexing capability will index automatically for all Microsoft 365 content, so nothing needs to be done to get that capability there. The only thing that can be done is either consultancy to add data sources or improve the data indexing of existing content.
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You should be familiar with the prerequisites listed in below document to ready your M365 tenant for Copilot. Keep in mind, it's also recommended you look at your data compliance policies to ensure you're not over-sharing.

You can watch this Microsoft Mechanics episode on getting ready for Copilot:

Hope that helps.