Coach by Copilot in Outlook


Is it possible to change the prompt of the "Coach by Copilot" feature in Outlook?

It’s annoying to always get the same suggestion for me with useless advice on Tone to write my email more formal.  

It would be wonderful if we can custom the instruction prompt in "Coach by Copilot" so that we can get exactly what we want from it, just like the Premium ChatGPT.  





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In outlook, as per today you have two ways of using copilot
1) coach by copilot
2) draft with Copilot

If you don't like the "coach" then, from the body of the email you need to start "draft with Copilot" and then you can give the prompt with all the context you want.

NOTE that you can always give feedback to Microsoft by clicking :thumbs_down: thumbs down if you are unhappy with a feature.