Co-Pilot for academic tenants?

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What is the roadmap for adding copilot capability to the A3 and A5 licensed tenants? This isn't the first time you have left out functionality for academic license users and it is not clear why. These are the students and faculty that lead the next generation of workers.  

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I don't understand why this is available for E3 and E5 but not for the education plans A3 and A5?


I'm not able to find information about plans to add Copilot functionality to the A3 and A5 licenses. However, according to the Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption hub, Microsoft 365 Copilot is available to users with an A3 and A5 license. It is possible that the Copilot functionality is not yet available to users with this license.


Same question here.
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Has there been an update yet? This is pretty high up on google so I thougth I might as well ask here.

Has anyone been able to buy Copilot licenses in an Academic tenant yet? Copilot is actively advertised on my Purchase Services page, but I try to buy it, it tells me that I don't have the prerequisites, and the prerequisites are all Business and Enterprise licenses that I can't have in my Academic tenant (see attached screenshot).

I've got some clients that have that are Colleges and universities! I would recommend you to contact Microsoft representative (if you have one) or your License provider/Microsoft Sales and they should be able to help you out
Thanks; we're K-12 Academic, not higher ed, so maybe it's different. I'll see what Microsoft has to say.
Unsure if they are expanding to K-12 but they are expanding mid-February for licenses not in this list.

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I started a support incident with Microsoft and they eventually ended up saying that K-12 purchases of CoPilot licenses in the M365 Admin Portal are currently bugged for tenants with a EES; it is on the radar for a fix, there is no ETA for when that might happen. In the meantime, they say CoPilot purchases must be purchased through the same vendor as is providing the EES licenses.