chatbot isnt working in teams

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I got a copilot studio chatbot pointing to an internal SharePoint site as a data reference.  From copilot studio that chatbot works as expected and we are responses that directly relate to the information in the referenced SharePoint site.  I figured out how to publish the chatbot to Teams, and I have the app loaded into Teams.  No matter what I type into the Teams chatbot, the only response I get is "Escalating to a live agent is not currently configured for this bot, however this is where the bot could provide information about how to get in touch with someone another way. Is there anything else I can help you with?".  I don't understand why it is working inside copilot studio, but not in Teams.  Any direction would be helpful!

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@MarkReid I am in the same boat. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Create one APP Registration: 

User Microsoft.Graph in permission

Step 1: Use MANUAL authentication(security->Authentication)

Step-2: Provide information from APP Registration created in Azure.