Catch up with Copilot button not showing in Outlook web

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We have Copilot working in all applications and we can use Copilot on individual emails in Outlook web but we don't have the 'Catch up with Copilot' button to summarize important emails. Video demo - How To Use Microsoft Copilot In Outlook (EASY TUTORIAL) (


I have seen blog posts about language settings but we have it set to English which I believe is supported. 


Any ideas?






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Do you have summarize button at all when opening an email? Are you using the new Outlook?
Hi Chris,

I am using Outlook web as we don't have the new outlook yet, it is being tested.

When I open an email I have the 'Summary by Copilot' button at the top.


Gotcha. In web all functionality should be there for Copilot from what I see on roadmap. Classic Outlook only has summary right now. The coaching is rolling out to classic. Drafting is coming in March to classic. May need to submit a ticket to Microsoft if not seeing everything in Web.