Can I use my Copilot subscription outside of Office 365?

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I want to be able to use my expensive Copilot subscription outside of Office 365. When I try to connect from Windows 11 (which I really HATE) the email address <me>@<my company> is not found.

How can I use this subscription besides just inside Office 365? 

It was not made clear to me at the time of purchase this access would be so restrictive.

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Have you tried Copilot in Edge, from the side menu? With that Copilot you can for example reach the web and also summarize a webpage in Edge.

But in general, if you have bought a Copilot for Microsoft 365-license, its main purpose is to leverage the data and information within you Microsoft 365 tenant.

I wish I had known the restrictions before paying such a premium for a service that is so limited in scope.

Guess it is time to file a complaint with US Fair Trade Commission.



Could you give me an example of what you would like to use Copilot for? When you say "outside of Office 365" - what do you mean by this?