Can Copilot extract data from a Sharepoint list (to which I have access to)?

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In Loop, I asked Copilot to create a table with similar instructions: "Design a table and for each row in the SP list 'A' on the 'Z' SP site that has column 'C' empty and column 'D' with the value email address removed for privacy reasons add a row to the table with the following columns: column 'f' and 'g' with values as in the SP list 'A' and then the following empty columns 'h','i','l'. Add 5 empty rows at the end"


It created the table with just one row and now values extracted from the sharepoint list to which I have access to. Is there a way I can instruct Copilot to do that? 

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Unfortunately not yet as it is not grounded to SharePoint.