Jan -2020 v-meet up for WomenITPros - Jan 24, 3pm ET - Train Your Voice, Claim Your Power


Train Your Voice, Claim Your Power


With Alicia Dara, professional speech and presentation coach and Microsoft vendor. Learn the 4 pillars of public speaking and how to project your Power Voice during presentations and meetings. Understand the unique challenges faced by women in the tech sector, and how to overcome some of them with simple and scalable techniques.

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Alicia Dara is a nationally recognized speech and presentation coach based in Seattle. She has helped thousands of people including CEO’s, managers, and Presidential candidates break through blocks, find their voice, and put it to work. Her most popular group training is "Public Speaking Bootcamp for Women", which helps women strengthen their voices, clarify their messaging, and push back against workplace sexism. Corporate clients include Microsoft (where she is a vendor), WeWork (where she is a vendor), Kimpton Hotels, Planned Parenthood, The Rivkin Center, Carhartt, and Premera. Private clients include the National Women's Political Caucus and members of Amazon, Merrill Lynch, Seattle Trade Commission, Windermere, and Lake Partners.





Our meetings are open to anyone of all gender identities who wants to support women in the ITPro field. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested!



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The meeting will be Friday, Jan 24 at 3pm EST*, which translates to:

New York City



9 pm/21:00


8 pm/20:00


6 pm/18:00


2 pm/14:00


1 pm/13:00



New Dehli

Saturday 12:30 am/00:30


Saturday, 6 am/06:00


If you have problems joining, tweet @CxPCathy and we'll try and get you in

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@Cathy Moya This is AWESOME. Alicia is one of my favorite people, she was on my Mavens Do It Better Podcast last year -


@Cathy Moya in your table the start time for Brisbane seems to be wrong. Brisbane is 9 hrs ahead of UTC+1. Therefore the starttime in Brisbane will be at 06:00 am on Saturday.


@Jürgen Grusa Thank you for catching that! I'll have to go update my template! 


Hello @Cathy Moya, this is great! As it´s Teams meeting, can you record it and share it later? As it´s 9pm on Friday for European folks, I don´t think that many of them will be calling in... It would be super useful :)


@SarkaPrague : Yes, we record everything if the speaker permits, though we reserve the option to not record something if we want to get into sensitive topics. I encourage you to check out our fantastic archive of recordings - go to and scroll down a bit. 


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