WUAHandler.log reporting "Scan failed with error = 0x8024000f"

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I'm using SCCM CB 1902 on Windows 2016. WUAHandler.log in all clients is reporting error since almost a month back. Following is the last few lines from log;

Its a WSUS Update Source type ({7BDC6D42-1BB8-4DBD-AD96-E288D3E2E79A}), adding it. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
This device is not enrolled into Intune. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 18876 (0x49BC)
Device is not MDM enrolled yet. All workloads are managed by SCCM. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 18876 (0x49BC)
SourceManager::GetIsWUfBEnabled - There is no Windows Update for Business settings assignment. Windows Update for Business is not enabled through ConfigMgr WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 18876 (0x49BC)
Existing WUA Managed server was already set (https://mycompany.contoso.com:8531), skipping Group Policy registration. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
Added Update Source ({7BDC6D42-1BB8-4DBD-AD96-E288D3E2E79A}) of content type: 2 WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
Scan results will include all superseded updates. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
Search Criteria is (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Software') OR (DeploymentAction=* AND Type='Driver') WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
Async searching of updates using WUAgent started. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 17304 (0x4398)
Async searching completed. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:13:16 22532 (0x5804)
OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024000f. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:13:16 1880 (0x0758)
Scan failed with error = 0x8024000f. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:13:16 1880 (0x0758)


Tried googling about this error and found that it's about "Circular update relationships were detected in the metadata". I followed below thread and did exactly as suggested (yes, I had installed SUP around 3 months back for the sake of Dell driver and software updates)

SCCM 2012 (1606) - OnSearchComplete - Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024000f


But above effort didn't help me. Error still appears and as a result, I'm not able to apply latest Microsoft updates. Any help to fix this issue?

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The issue is resolved now.


For those who are having the same issue: Denying third party updates alone wouldn't resolve the issue. They have to be deleted from WSUS database. I used script from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Delete-3rd-Party-Updates-e5bf19fe/view/Discussions to delete 3rd party updates. Since script is using only WSUS Powershell library exposed interface for operation, I think the script is safe to be run.


Please do share thoughts. :)