Windows 11 Task Sequence fails on Installing applications

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I am running SCCM Current Branch 2309, which has Hotfix Rollup KB25858444.
ADK Version is: 10.1.2262.1.1

I have two task sequences configured to build a Dell Latitude 7440 laptop.

The laptop and the distribution point are on the same site and are being built with the same USB NIC and network cable.

Task Sequence 1: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021
Task Sequence 2: Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2

The task sequences are identical (except for the OS)

The task sequences are configured to install the OS, enable Bitlocker, and install applications and packages.

Task Sequence 1 completes with no errors at all.

Task Sequence 2: the OS installs and the PC joins the domain and installs the SCCM agent. The task sequence fails when it begins to install applications. In the task sequence there are five applications grouped for installation. The task sequence randomly fails on installing the applications. Sometimes, it will install the 1st app and then fail on the 2nd app. Other times, it fails on the 1st application; other times, it will install three apps and then fail on the fourth one. There is no consistency in the failures. It does not matter if I rearrange the order of the apps. The task sequence continues to fail.
If I deploy the applications from the software centre after the PC is on the domain, all applications install as expected.

I have checked the CAS.log and SMSTS.log, and I receive the following:

appState: DownloadFailed DCMAgent 4952 (0x1358)
Failed to do hash verification with preference : 4. Try to verify at next hash algorithm ContentAccess
Download failed for content Content_71a5651f-1b63-4228-b642-47549513e268.1 under context System, error 0x80091007

I have deleted all applications from the DP and redistributed but this has not resolved the issue.

As advised, the task sequences are identical except for the installed OS. I do not think it is an issue with the applications as they are installed successfully on the Windows 10 TS and deployed via the software centre.

Has anybody encountered this issue before when building a TS to deploy Windows 11 Enterprise 23H2?


Many thanks

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Just to confirm, after the TS is completed on Windows 11 23H2, if you open Software Center and try to install those same applications, it works without issue?

I assume besides the OS being different, that your drivers are different, perhaps that USB Nic driver behaves differently in Win11? Have you tried using other NICs or Docks?

Perhaps run Dell Command Update to update all drivers, reboot, then try to install your apps.
I have this exact problem. Did you get to the bottom of it?
When the application installation failed and you open Command Prompt (F8) do you have network then?
And is the machine domain joined at that moment? Could you verify in c:\windows\debug\netsetup.log please.

@Andy Kinseley what is the issue you have?