Windows 10 Upgrade using SCCM

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Hello all,

i'm using SCCM to upgrade windows 10 1607 to 1703 and it working well 

however when i want to upgrae from 1511 to 1607 or 1703 it' fail with the following error 

please i need any help 

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Hello Muhammad


It seems that the image you uploaded got stripped from your post. The community support folks were able to retrieve it for me.  For the benefit of other readers, the error message you received was "Task sequence has failed with the error code (0x80004005)."


This is a generic message.  To start troubleshooting, check the smsts.log file for applicable errors to see which step in the TS may be failing.


It would be helpful to know what version of Configuration Manager you are using.  In case there are specific issues that may apply.




Hello @Yvette O'Meally 

Thanks for Your response 

1- where i can find smsts.log , because i only found smstsv.log in SCCM logs

2- i use the latest version 1702 with the latest hotfix 

Hi Muhammad


The smsts.log moves around depending on what stage of the deployment you are at.  Ronni Pedersen lists the various locations in his post here:


Frank Rojas has a nice article on how to set the logging options for this logfile if you need to go deeper than the default logging -