WINDOWS 10 Servicing version upgrade path and compatibility with SCCM CB 1910 OR 1906

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Would appreciate if someone can clarify with the supported platform for Windows 10 version upgrade path with SCCM CB 1910 or 1906..


Is it possible to upgrade windows 10 version 1507 ,1607 ,1703 and 1709 to Windows 10 1903 or 1909 ?


I have checked multiple blog but didn't find clear information about windows upgrade path.


Appreciate your responses.

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@krishna yadav not sure if the question is more about the Win10 supported upgrade path or if that upgrade path is influenced by the CM version in use? The below link has info about Win10 version upgrades. 


Windows 10 version upgrade: You can directly upgrade any semi-annual channel version of Windows 10 to a newer, supported semi-annual channel version of Windows 10, even if it involves skipping versions. Work with your account representative if your current version of Windows is out of support. 


And we have the Win10 support matrix doc'd. 



Thank you Sir for the responces.


I am having windows 10 most of 1511 ,1607 and 1703 version running. I need to upgrade with the latest windows 10 1909 version using configuration manager 1906  feature pack / servicing update.


Would appreciate if you could please clarify and share if there any article around which describe in details.


As per the Microsoft article below it seems windows 10 version 1511 / 1607 is not listed in support may not be compatible to upgrade with latest windows 10 1903 or 1903 using SCCM CB 1906 or 1910 using feature pack update.


Thank you.


@krishna yadav I'm not aware of any articles that cover this specific scenario. If you've attempted the upgrade using the servicing channel and encountered issues, I would suggest reaching out to our support organization for assistance. 

Hello @krishna yadav ,


I recently upgrade 4000 Windows 10 in one month (1511,1607, 1709 and 1803 to 1903)


Deploy the last Servicing Stack then deploy the 1903 upgrade.

If you want some guidance, you can read this blog post :


For better results, before the deployment you can connect ConfigMgr to Desktop Analytics to check applications and drivers compatibility and create deployment ring.


After 1903 applied you can deploy the 1909 enablement package.