Windows 10 clients not installing all required updates from MECM

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We have 300+ clients not installing all required updates. These 300 clients are part of 2000 machines that are all in the same collection. Would upgrading, in-place, erase older update history?






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Hi bcerveny,

You'll want to check client side on a few devices to determine if the client sees the updates in question as missing/applicable. There are a few CM logs to review such as UpdatesHandler, UpdatesStore, WUAHandler, and UpdatesDeployment.

Depending on what you find will dictate next steps. If CM is reporting the updates as not required/not applicable, then you would need to look into the windows update agent's (WUA) log file, WindowsUpdate.log. If CM is reporting the updates as applicable but the install is not taking place, then logs such as UpdatesDeployment should provide more clues. This is probably one that will need engagement with technical support but hopefully I have given a few things to check first.
Keep in mind that NOT all SU are listed within the control panel on the computer. Particularly if deployed by CM.
That issue should have been addressed a long time ago Garth. Definitely let me know if this is still being experienced. Provide the Windows build and I can double check.

I know that the status messages will get resent to CM (or at least that is what @jasonsandy says) but the control panel will still not list all SU for example (and yes I looked under under Other Updates section) too.



What would help would be wuahandler logs showing the install and then screenshots of the update history view showing specific updates missing. The original issue dealt with any updates installed via CM (ccmexec) being filtered out of the history view. Not sure why some would show and others wouldn't.