Which feature do we prefer for deployment using DPs on SCCM?

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Hi everyone, I have a question, hope you help me to understand it

1. Explanation of what the difference is from the perspective of network bandwidth control between "Packages" and "Applications" features.

2. Which is the best choice for DP when deploying apps on SCCM"
Because we set BITS policy by GPO for all Windows devices and almost all offices have
Thank you so much

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Hi @ThienTrinhIT.,

let me try to answer your question:
Packages vs. Applications in SCCM and their Impact on Network Bandwidth:

  • Packages:
    In SCCM, a Package is a deployment method focused on devices, lacking the ability to track software installation states. It comprises source files, an installation program, and a distribution point.

    Packages don't support multiple deployment types or detection methods, having only one program executed on the target device.

    Configuration responsibility lies with the IT administrator to ensure correct script configuration for installation or uninstallation.

  • Applications:
    SCCM Applications offer a user-centric, high-level deployment method, emphasizing the desired user experience. T

    hey are state-based, detecting whether an application is installed and only taking action if it's absent or if a newer version is available.

    Applications support multiple deployment types like MSI, App-V, and Windows Store Apps, each with its detection method to determine installation status, version, and the need for updates or repairs.

    The choice between Packages and Applications for Distribution Points (DP) in SCCM depends on specific needs and software complexity:

    - For complex installations or state-based management requirements, Applications are preferable.
    - Packages are suitable for deploying scripts, patches, or software not needing state-based management.

    *It is important to note that the SCCM application model is the modern and recommended approach for deploying all types of applications.



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  1. There is no difference from a bandwidth stand point.
  2. Again no difference.