What does this mean "No ConfigPoints found for rule"

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I have a baseline that is failing on about 100 machines, the other 1000+ machines ran it and are now compliant. When I check one of the machines that it is failing on, I see this error in the DCMReporting.log file:



No ConfigPoints found for rule:System Center Configuration Manager.ScopeId_252955F2_1434_473F_A2F5_FC4B4E2CA0B0_Baseline_b241a9ab_a6ed_4fd0_864e_657b5e1b2cc3_Platform_PolicyDocument.2.Platform_Rule_ScopeId_252955F2_1434_473F_A2F5_FC4B4E2CA0B0_Baseline_b241a9ab_a6ed_4fd0_864e_657b5e1b2cc3_2



 Eventually followed by:



Conformant Rule:5fed7d11_23e5_46ef_9648_ec05eb82e271__ScopeId_252955F2_1434_473F_A2F5_FC4B4E2CA0B0_Baseline_b241a9ab_a6ed_4fd0_864e_657b5e1b2cc3_2_Configuration_PolicyDocument not found



I have re-installed the agent numerous times and still get this error. What is the SCCM agent trying to tell me?

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No one else has seen this?

the error suggests an issue with your boundaries. Are you only using ip ranges for boundaries?

Thanks for responding. I didn't set it up and I'm not trained on it. I'm learning as I go...
I'm not sure what you mean by 'up ranges'.
We have sites and ip address ranges in our boundaries and several groups in the boundary groups.
Autocorrect. ip ranges... fixed the typo

So for clarity, you are only using ip ranges, no AD sites or IP subnets. Just IP ranges.
Ah! Thanks. No, we have both ip ranges and sites in our boundries.
Ok, so get rid of the ad sites and only use ip ranges.
I have a ticket open with MS Support. Once they confirm this step will do the trick I'll do that and report back.
From MS Support " I was checking regarding our issue with my escalation team also and as per their findings on this one 'No ConfigPoints' error message that we're getting is not related with our IP address ranges and boundary groups but related with issue deploying Baseline compliance remediation and detection script" and might be a known issue but we're still looking into the same and checking with product team as well. "