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We're happy you are here.  My name is Yvette and I am a Senior Program Manager on the Configuration Manager Team.  If you are new, Welcome! Check out the TechCommunities Getting Started.


If you have been participating here already, you may have noticed that we have moved this discussion space from the System Center community to this new System Center Configuration Manager community.  Additionally, we have consolidated our blogs into a new Configuration Manager blog also located here.


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We know that Configuration Manager users are exceptionally broad, and deep and we appreciate the knowledge and skill that you all bring to the conversations. This community is a place for you to share ideas, learn best practices, hear about product updates, collaborate with others using Configuration Manager, and interact with the Configuration Manager product and engineering teams.  Shout out also to our wonderful MVPs that are here and share their expertise as well.


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Hi Yvette, Thanks for all your posts. I have a question, AAD group has a community (not Q&A), and I am also a member of it, but there is a benefit for an active member with basic rewards to MVP, in Configuration Manager, MEM, and Intune, we do not have this part of the community just Q&A. Can you move our community to be like AAD to get those benefits?
I am using an android mobile to browse this site. Is there anything I need to do for optimised configurations from my side?
Hi, do you mean to use it? I do not think so is better to browse from a computer.
Hello @1471975, if you have questions about the TechCommunity site in general, not related specifically to the Configuration Manager product, please post your questions in the Community Lounge here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Community-Info-Center/ct-p/Community-Info-Center.

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