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We are seeing that the Config Manager hardware inventory contains the UPGRADE_EXPERIENCE_INDICATORS section which shows data that appears to be about upgrade compatibility to specific builds (with CO21H2 being Windows 11 21H2, for example). Could someone please share what the attributes named Upg Ex Prop and Upg Ex U and the color values they have actually mean? We've seen Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green, but it doesn't appear to be documented anywhere what the attributes or values represent. We would like to use these values for collection membership and Windows 11 Upgrade task sequence deployment, but want to fully understand what they represent.


Note: We have compared these to what is shown in Endpoint Analytics for Windows 11 readiness status. While green has matched Capable and red has matched Not Capable, we're seeing a mix of Capable and Unknown for both yellow and orange.

Thank you.

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I have yet to find an Official MS doc on this BUT simply put, it will show you if you can upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11 and what is blocking it if it can't upgrade. The reason will be listed in the Reason0 column.

Also keep in mind that this tool and the Endpoint Analytics are not using the same details to calculate upgrade reason.

@PavelYurenev we are using the SCCM dashboard for Windows 11 upgrade readiness and have a fairly large amount of devices in our environment reporting as Orange (App/Driver upgrade required). Is there any way to find out what app or driver is causing the device to be flagged as requiring additional work, possibly a registry setting holds this? 

I have the same doubt as lovelldn, can anyone give us more information?