Task Sequence Stuck on Installing

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Hi All We have a upgrade placed from 1709 to 1809. Task sequence in software center is divided in 2 parts. One Part for Data to be downloaded to client second part to install. We are facing issue with second part where it keep saying installing nothing shows in smsts logs nor in another logs. Stopped sms agent as well but second task keep running in software center and we are unable to upgrade the clients to 1809.
What is the best way to monitor logs and resolve this issue for stuck installing and upgrade the machines to 1809 ?
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So that Task Sequence shows in software center, you click "Install", but it just sits there?

Does it create the log file?

what does execmgr say?  It should let you know what is happening with the TS.  Like perhaps waiting on content, or waiting on something else to run first, or waiting for a service window.  the execmgr log is the place to start.


@alitaqvi In addition to @gwblok 's recommendations, you might also want to check the TSAgent.log on the client. This log records dependency handling before the task sequence is started. Also, you might be able to simplify your process by leveraging the pre-cache feature. For details, see Configure pre-cache content for task sequences .