Task sequence run from software center fails error 0x80041002

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Hi all,

I'm trying to run a task sequence from software center. In this case it is for reinstalling the operating system.

When the TS is required, it will get the policy and after 5 minutes will start running the deployment (never thought this was an issue...). But when the TS is available it will report the error in the subject.

From googling the issue I found out that the log to check is execmgr. What I found there was that all my applications and packages get the warning "could not find the policy in WMI..." and I can't understand why... 

What am I doing wrong?

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How many different computers are you seeing this issue on? Error 0x80041002 may indicate that the WMI repository on this particular computer is corrupt. Since it sounds like you are reinstalling the operating system, perhaps you would be better off launching this task sequence from PXE or bootable media rather than trying to repair WMI.

I'm doing this on a test VM. My problem is that if I change this to required it will work... albeit after 10 minutes with some alerts I've mentioned in my question but it will work...

What I'm trying to achieve is a way to reinstall an OS on demand when I need it.

What you are doing should work fine, but it sounds like there is an issue with either the SCCM client or the WMI repository on your test VM. You could try removing and re-installing the client, or try again with a fresh VM.

This was on a fresh VM. Do I need to deploy all the packages and applications to the collection where I want to run the TS so it will have a policy for it?

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Good question. Yes, either the applications and programs referenced in your task sequence must be deployed as available to a collection targeting the client, or you must enable the “Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence action without being deployed” checkbox on the Application or Program properties. (Screenshots of that setting here: Enable Programs and Applications to be installed from a Task Sequence without being Deployed! | Micr...)

Feeling really stupid, forgot about the checkbox...

Thanks a lot!

Ran into the same issue today, the box was checked. I unchecked the box, applied, then checked the box, Applied, then the error went away. Wrote a script to fix all apps: